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Michael Ubaldini

MICHAEL&THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS-"Married by the Gospel/Divorced by the law'-

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'MICHAEL & THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS'. (Michael Ubaldini's new band!)
No One knows who they are or where they came from. But The Honky Tonk Country & Western Singing sensation- Looks A Lot like rock n roll poet MICHAEL UBALDINI!! No one knows for sure but he seems to be a 'Ghost of the Lost Highway' who has overtaken Michael Ubaldini's soul & possessed it with the Spirit of Dead Country &Western Stars HANK WILLAMS., LEFTY FRIZELL , ROY ACUFF,JIMMY 'The Singing brakeman' RODGERS AND Bluesman ROBERT JOHNSON- along with handing him an ALL STAR LINE UP OF MUSICIANS. Blowing in from the Dust of the graveyard & scattered plains along Highway 61. I have heard from the local rural townsfolk that Ubaldini encountered these Ghosts while writing songs down in an old abandoned Plantation on his recent tour of the American South All we know is this Fact: the band is called 'MICHAEL& THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS' ..........This Mysterious new Band... Don't miss the opportunity to Check out MICHAEL & THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS!!!! Whenever they appear... 'Somewhere in the other forgotten America Where the yellow crosses the dog, over up around the bend the true voice of American Music echoes through the heart of the land Down where the Lonesome whistle whines, where the gals are still pretty and the liquor is sweet, Neath' that ol' harvest moon'...somewhere Honky Tonkin' loud and true is 'MICHAEL & THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS

DOGHOUSE BOB BURNS-BASS/ CHRIS LAWRENCE -PEDAL STEEL (Michael Raised On Traditional Country Western, Folk& Blues decided to Put this Band together with other Like Minded misfits as an answer & Alternative to the Watered down 'Modern Country' That they cannot Stand at all.)

'Married by the Gospel'
Words & Music by Michael Ubaldini copyright library of congress
published ASCAP ubaldini music
From up coming release -all rights reserved
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