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Kurt Rockmore

@KurtRockmore - Creepin (feat. Shaun Sutton)

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DP/Editor - Ralph Murphy
Video Produced by - Maddaloni Ent.
Jewelry styled by - MichaelLouis.com

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Shorty Came in and she caught me red handed
Creepin with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
How did I forget that she was always tryna creep with me
All these shots we were taking
There is only one place it leads...

She caught me again
This time not only creepin
I was boinkin her friend
I promised the last time
I wouldn't do this again
The last time was the last time
All over again
She uh..
Let me kick it with my homies
know she cant control me
Ran into this local shorty
Everybody know me
So it aint no big thing
But she just cashed out
And said she'll out drinnnnk
always take a competition
Shot for shot on that ciroc
a winning proposition
..so Get them flowing again
I aint a player, i dont crush
But here im going again
..At the end of the night
We'll split a cab and we'll be alright
How she know where I live
She point the driver str8 to my crib
I shoulda noticed but...

Chorus -

Im never drinking again
I know we said it all before
And always start it again
But the only time Im creepins
When the vodka does the thinking
And her body does the speaking
Shorty told me she was treating
How could I turn that down
Everything's a go
Until I hear that sound
Keys in the door
pants on the floor
I seen this before
The Man always lost
But it was perfect for the moment
Snuck a couple pictures
Said i wouldn't tell my homies
I Got exactly what i wanted
She knew it from the start
Get me drunk, and jump up on it
Man i love my wife
I know its wrong
And I aint shit
But man i love this life
At first it was a slip
But dawg i fucked her twice
knew exactly what she doing
Wanted just one night

And she got
(Damn.... yea she got it)


(Shorty caught me like)
She caught me creepin
(Shorty Caught me like)
She Caught me creepin
saw us bangin on the counter
Saw us bangin on the sofa
If you standing there watching..
Then you might as well Join us!

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