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Maiden Morphs into Black Unicorn

37,538 views 8 years ago
This is a small clip.

We were supposed to make a "Logo" type animation for our Demo Reels back at the Art institute of Philadelphia. I like it, But, I would like to extend 1 part of it, and add more frames to it.

You can see Lively (My Charecter) here, morphing into a Black Unicorn. There's supposed to be magical fairy-dust/lights that show up and change her... but I ran into issues with that. So, you won't see any here. Plus, I don't have "Adobe After Effects" anymore, so I can't fix it.

This was done back in 2001. You can see why I don't ink my stuff anymore, since I SUCK at it. I only inked it because I was required to. Show less
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Black UniGryphon's Animations Play

Animation by Black UniGryphon ( Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman ). MOst are old, and done in Philadelphia during the 1990s at UARTS Philly, or AIPH.

Singing in Chinese 美国女孩说汉语 Play

美国女孩说汉语 by Black UniGryphon 乌独角兽

The little clips of my singing in Chinese...

By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 任思麒

乌独角兽 美国女孩说汉语 BlackUniGryphon n Chinese Play

Black UniGryphon Speaking Chinese by popular requests...

乌独角兽 美国女孩说汉语
American Artist "Black UniGryphon" (Kandice Zimbleman) Speaks Chinese.

My Real Name is "Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman"
My Real Chinese name is: "任思麒" (Ren Si Qi)
My Artist name is: "Black UniGryphon".
IN Chinese I would translate this to: "乌独角兽" or in Old Chinese as "烏獨角獸".

I know everyone (whom is Chinese) will think this is strange, because I'm a female. But, please remember I'm not Sino Chinese.

In Western Culture this kind of name (Black UniGryphon) is not strange for a girl artist. So, please understand. If you prefer to call me by my Chinese name 任思麒, or my real name , Kandie, yo may.

I'm an artist. I'm not really a Xingwei Yishu artist. But, I like to play with this idea.

I do speak some Chinese, but, I never learned this in school. I started to learn it when I was 18.

If You have any questions, please send me a message in You Tube.
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