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BERNINA - quality, innovation and Swiss tradition

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BERNINA is and has always been an independent, family-run company. Steckborn has been our headquarters for over 100 years, and will remain so. We have successfully established a manufacturing facility in Thailand as a second location.Our Swiss heritage is one of the main ingredients of our brand. We find that whether you're Swiss or not, the high quality standards and innovative products and services that you'll be a part of as a BERNINA customer will probably rub off on you. One hundred years' experience means the competitive edge, but not forever. We must meet the accelerated changes in the economy, technology, environment and society with new ideas, genuinely felt passion and efficient operating methods. Show less
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BERNINA E 16: video tutorials, tips and tricks Play

With roots in the industrial world the BERNINA E 16, multi-needle embroidery machine offers you the fulfillment of the dream of faster, more professional and larger embroidery than ever before. From its 16 needles, speed of 1,400 stitches per minute, unique tensioning system and the smallest cylindrical arm in the industry, the BERNINA E 16 is the perfect partner for home, studio or commercial use.

In this playlist you will find tutorial videos that show you how easy it is to operate the machine. For more information on the BERNINA e 16 multi-needle machine please visit www.bernina.com

BERNINA 880: video tutorials, tips and tricks Play

High tech in top form: the BERNINA 880 is the flagship BERNINA sewing, embroidering and quilting machine. It boasts plenty of space, high speeds and an extra-large work surface. Unleash your inner artist by creating your own stitch patterns using Stitch Designer. Be more creative by changing the look of stitch patterns with the Distortion function. Experiment with color using the Color Wheel before embroidering.

For example, the Embroidery Shaping function of the B 880 offers the option of duplicating embroidery designs with one click and then arranging them in a desired formation. Whether in a circle, square or heart, new and unconventional designs emerge.

The BERNINA 880 offers hundreds of stitches that are clearly categorized and easily retrieved. With the innovative Stitch Designer you can edit these or create your own stitches. Simply draw your ideas directly on the screen. The B 880 converts the design with a click into a stitch pattern. You can also change and save existing stitches. The possibilities are endless and your stitch library is continually expanding.

Learn how to use this masterpiece of Swiss engineering to its full potential with our instructional videos in this Youtube playlist!

For more informations about the BERNINA 880 please go to http://www.bernina.com/8series or visit your dedicated BERNINA dealer.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 7: tutorial videos Play

Get creative turning embroidery dreams into reality with great new three-dimensional (3D) features like PunchWork, StumpWork, Trapunto and Raised Satin! The new DesignerPlus Embroidery Software 7 includes a range of 3D effects for unique surface embellishment.

Combine embroidery with PunchWork for incredible 3D effects. Add PunchWork details to a newly created or existing embroidery design in just one click. DesignerPlus 7 allows you to create felted needle punch right in the hoop.

Turn a flat embroidery design into a three-dimensional StumpWork masterpiece. Add petals to flowers for a naturalistic effect; create a flip flop design fit to be worn. DesignerPlus 7 brings your embroideries to life.

Create embroidered effects that stand out in the crowd with raised Trapunto embroidered elements. Select areas of your embroidery design to apply the raised satin stitching for stunning effects. DesignerPlus 7 in combination with your embroidery machine will take your creativity to the next level.

Learn how to use the BERNINA embroidery software version 7 to its full potential with our instructional videos in this Youtube playlist!

For more information please contact your dedicated BERNINA dealer or go to www.bernina.com/software.

BERNINA Sticksoftware 7: Anleitungsvideos Play

Mit innovativen Funktionen und einer einfachen Bedienung setzt die BERNINA Sticksoftware 7 neue Massstäbe und eröffnet einzigartige Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Die überarbeitete Benutzeroberfläche bietet eine übersichtliche, logische Anordnung der Funktionsfelder und ermöglicht eine rasche Umsetzung Ihrer kreativen Ideen. Unzählige Funktionen zum Umsetzen Ihrer Stickvisionen 3D-Funktionen wie PunchWork, StumpWork, Trapunto und Reliefsatin machen aus Ihren Stickträumen Realität. Die neue DesignerPlus Sticksoftware 7 enthält verschiedene 3D-Effekte für einzigartig kreative Oberflächen.

In dieser Playlist finden Sie eine Reihe von Anleitungsvideos, die Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie mit der BERNINA Sticksoftware einzigartige Motive erstellen und diese mit Hilfe Ihrer stickfähigen BERNINA Nähmaschinen Realität werden lassen.

Für mehr Informationen besuchen Sie Ihren BERNINA Fachhändler oder www.bernina.com/software.

BERNINA overlocker/serger L 220: video tutorials, tips and tricks Play

The BERNINA L 220 is the ideal overlock/serger machine for professional serging of your sewing project. It offers an extensive range of features and allows for perfect cover and chain stitches. With widths of 2.5mm or 5mm, the cover stitch is the most popular stitch width used in the clothing industry and gives every garment a professional finish using 2 or 3 needles. The chain stitch allows fine seams and hem ends to be added to trouser or jacket pockets, as well as to home accessories such as cushions or furniture covers. In this playlist you will find video tutorials that show you step by step how to set up and use the BERNINA L 220.

More information can be found at www.bernina.com/overlocker or from your specialist dealer.

BERNINA Overlocker L 220: Videoanleitungen, Tipps und Tricks Play

Die BERNINA L 220 ist die ideale Overlock-Maschine für ein professionelles Versäubern Ihres Nähprojektes. Sie bietet eine umfangreiche Funktionspalette und professionelle Cover- und Kettensticharten. Mit Breiten von 2,5 oder 5 mm hat der Coverstich genau die in der Bekleidungsindustrie am häufigsten verwendeten Stichbreiten. So verleihen Sie jedem Kleidungsstück einen professionellen Abschluss mit 3 oder 2 Nadeln. Mit dem Kettenstich lassen sich feine Nähte und Saumabschlüsse an Hosen oder Jackentaschen anbringen oder auch an Wohnaccessoires wie Kissen oder Möbelüberzügen.

In dieser Playlist finden Sie Anleitungsvideos, die Ihnen Schritt für Schritt zeigen, wie Sie die BERNINA L 220 vorbereiten und einsetzen.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter http://www.bernina.com/overlocker oder bei Ihrem Fachhändler.
BERNINA offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sewing, embroidery and quilting accessories. In this playlist you will find instruction videos that give you step-by-step instructions as to how to use our high-quality accessories and thereby enhance your creative freedom when doing creative hobbies. The full range of presser feet and other practical BERNINA accessories for sewing, quilting, embroidering and overlocking can be found at http://www.bernina.com
BERNINA bietet ein umfassendes Sortiment an Näh-, Stick- und Quiltzubehör in höchster Qualität. In dieser Playlist finden Sie Anleitungsvideos, die Ihnen Schritt für Schritt zeigen, wie Sie unser hochwertiges Zubehör einsetzen und damit Ihren Gestaltungsspielraum beim kreativen Hobby erweitern. Das komplette Angebot an Nähfüssen und anderen praktischen BERNINA Accessoires zum Nähen, Quilten, Sticken und Overlocken finden Sie unter http://www.bernina.com.
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