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Bernadette Fox

Welcome to BFCreations!

245 views 2 months ago
My name is Bernadette and welcome to BFCreations on YouTube! I will show you step by step tutorials, quick tips, reviews, hobbies, behind the scenes, plain down home fun, and endless creativity! You will watch videos about some of my favorite things (and yours too!) which include, but certainly not limited to: art, crafting, farming, and gardening. Join me! Don't just sit there: learn, grow, be creative!

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Disclaimer: This is an original video and all video, photos and audio were done by me, Bernadette Fox, with the exception of the music which has been made available to me for free via YouTube Audio Library. Show less
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Birds and Gourds Play

These video tutorials I show you how to make birdhouses, bird feeders, and other projects for our feathered friends. As well as share with you some birding tips!

Gallery of my Gourds Play

Check out my finished pieces for inspiration. Interested in purchasing one of the pieces you see? Email me: bernadettesgourdcreations at gmail dot com
  • BernadettesGarden

    • 23 videos
    With an almost endless amount of ideas and creativity I can't wait to share my crafty prowess with everyone.

    And as a budding horticulturalist I want to share my self-study, research, and years of ex
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