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BELLADONNA - The Orchestral Album

We have a dream.

And what is music if not a dream? It takes us to magical, beautiful, amazing places. It makes us feel magical, beautiful, amazing. And it does so very powerfully when we share it with the people we love. Sharing a musical experience can fill our life with light, hope and joy, just like a shared dream.

Our dream is to stage a very special BELLADONNA event, for one night only, in a recording studio here in Rome. That night we will perform live a selection of 10 of our songs completely re-arranged for the occasion, with a concert orchestra.

Our dream is to share a musical event with all of you.

This one/off live performance will be recorded and then released as a full-lenght album on CD and also on Vinyl. We will videorecord it for an eventual DVD and theatrical release. A glossy book of high quality photographs of the performance will be printed as a memento of the event. All these items will be made available exclusively to the crowdfunding campaign contributors.

We can all live this one-of-a-kind musical experience, we can all take part to a musical event that is totally free from any commercial consideration, we can all say "this happened because I made it happen", we can all say "this event, this record, this music is MINE too".

We have a dream. We can all share it. On Musicraiser, now: https://www.musicraiser.com...

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