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Beer Geek Nation

Welcome to Beer Geek Nation

34,033 views 1 year ago
Welcome to Beer Geek Nation! On this channel we focus one the art and beauty of craft beer. You will find beer reviews,homebrewing hot to videos,interviews with craft beer luminaries and brewery tours. So subscribe today to get all of the latest videos from BGN. Cheers! Show less
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Homebrewing How To's Play

All the BGN home brew videos including how to's and equipment reviews. Dry hopping,yeast starters,kegging,brewing,extract brewing,all grain brewing,mashing,lautering and fermenting are all covered here. We also cover all ingredients involved with home brewing including yeast strains,hops and grains.

IPA's/Imperial IPA's Play

BGN reviews for IPA's,Imperial IPA's and everything hoppy in between
BGN reviews for Stouts and Imperial Stouts
Everything brewed in a Belgian style whether it be from the US or Belgium. Styles include Quads,Tripels, DUbbels,Lambics,Saisons and wild ales.
Bud,Miller,Coors,Guiness and all the others go here.
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