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For over 150 years, we've been dedicated to improving people's lives as well as our planet. Our scientists find new ways to combat weeds and pest so that producers of crops create more plentiful harvests with higher yields. With innovations like cotton seed varieties that produce some of the highest quality fiber in the world. With programs like Bayer's e3 Cotton Sustainability initiative, we give farmers the tools they need to conserve resources and sustain the planet.

The work we do helps farmers secure a nutritious food supply. We are constantly striving for advancements that keep crops safe. Our farmers grow crops in a wide variety of conditions. We are also working with other partners to help continue advancing the research that helps battle the devastating Citrus Greening disease that's ravaging Florida's citrus groves.

As we move into the 21st century, the farming business faces more challenges than ever and Bayer CropScience is making significant advances in sustainable farming to help meet the challenges of feeding a hungry planet with an ever-growing population. We are also committed to safe-guarding the health of bees, one of the world's most crucial farming resources. We believe research, education and communication are the keys to overcoming these issues.

If you can leave the world a little bit better than you found it, you've done your job. At Bayer CropScience, that's a job we take very seriously. But it's not a job we can do alone. Join Bayer CropScience as we work to make our world a better place. #LeaveABetterWorld Show less
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Ag Issues Forum 2014 Play

Ag Issues Forum is an annual event hosted by Bayer CropScience the two days prior to the Commodity Classic show. The event convenes industry thought leaders from production, consumer and environmental organizations with the goal of opening a dialogue around the collaboration needed to drive true innovation in all facets of the agriculture and food industry.

Bayer CropScience Play

Agriculture and public health intersect now more than ever, and Bayer CropScience is on the front lines of both. With one world to grow on, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that help maximize farm yields, secure harvests from devastating disease and pests, and keep our living spaces and environment healthy and beautiful. From high-powered seeds and traits, to innovative biological and chemical crop and environmental protection products, Bayer CropScience delivers Science for a Better Life.

Who We Are Play

Beautiful fields of healthy, high-yielding crops. Abundant harvests of golden grains, white cotton and succulent produce -- plentiful enough to nourish and clothe the world. Healthy environments in which we safely and comfortably live, work and play. At Bayer CropScience, these ideals drive us every day. Our singular purpose is to propel farming's future, harnessing cutting-edge agricultural and environmental innovations to deliver on Bayer's mission: Science For A Better Life.

Bayer's Commitment to Bee Health Play

Think about the last time you enjoyed your morning coffee or an afternoon snack of chips and some delightful guacamole. Now imagine those moments without coffee beans or avocados. More than a quarter of all plants consumed in the U.S. are dependent upon honey bee pollination.

Bayer's Bee Care Program brings our extensive experience and knowledge in bee health under a coordinated global initiative. The program includes dedicated Bayer Bee Care Centers in the U.S. and Europe, ongoing bee health research and engagement with key stakeholders about topics such as product stewardship and biodiversity.

Respect the Rotation Play

Respect the Rotation is a Bayer CropScience initiative to elevate the importance of and grower adoption of herbicide diversity. In July 2010, more than 200 participants took part in a three-day event in Memphis to kick off Respect the Rotation. Participants included the weed science community, consultants, growers, agribusiness, grower associations and organizations, federal agencies and media -- all in attendance to learn more about the threat of weed resistance.

FiberMax® Cotton Play

Bayer CropScience honors FiberMax® growers who achieve one-ton yields during the annual growing season through their 'One Ton Club™'. The awards banquet is held in Lubbock, Texas where we take the opportunity to recognize those farmers who produce 2,000 or more of lint cotton per acre on at least 20 acres using FiberMax cotton. The One Ton Club began in 2005 and includes farmers from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
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