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Shane in Progress Part IV - The Final Battle

99 views 4 weeks ago
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The finale of Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey! Everything comes to a head as Zel faces off with Jalen and Tim confronts Shane. It's brother vs. brother! Who will win?!?

Preceded by Shane in Progress Part III - Tim Strikes Back:

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Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey Play

The first ever web series from The Barnes Bros.!

Tim's little brother Shane has taken over Tim in Progress and Tim has gone mysteriously missing! Does Shane have something to do with it? How will Zel and Jalen respond to the new host of Tim in Progress? Will Tim ever find his way home and get his show back?! Find out in the short comedy web series, Shane in Progress: The Search for Tim Casey!

The series will play out over the course of a few months with the release of major episodes titled "Shane in Progress" and short interludes called "Where's Tim?" While "Shane in Progress" will cover the main story, the "Where's Tim?" interludes will show things from Zel and Jalen's perspective.

Tim In Progress Play

Hats, dancing, and annoying night waiters: Follow Tim Casey's hilarious life adventures in his monthly video blog. New episodes air the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 11am ET.

The Love Experience Play

"God loves me, I love God, and I love the world as God loves me."

The inspirational web series by Jalen Barnes under the Barnes Bros. Salvation banner.

Short Films Play

Short films created by The Barnes Bros.
  • Jalen Barnes

    • 38 videos
    "God loves me, I love God, and I love the world as God loves me."

    My name is Jalen Barnes and I have dedicated my life to spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The purpose of this channel iis t
  • SmallvilleN7

    • 37 videos
    1 half of the entertainment duo The Barnes Brothers. Denzel aka Zel is also a big time gamer. Loves making people laugh and sharing the love of Christ.

    "Hi Im Zel from Barnes Bros TV and this is my
  • The Casey Project

    • 44 videos
    Hmm... The Casey Project, or Bucket of Dang Productions, or Franchesco189 is a YouTube channel. As you will notice from my videos my name is Tim and though my channel says i am 21 years of age, i am o
  • CacieTV

    • 60 videos
    Showing you that life can be fun and funny. Cacie TV is here to give you a facelift through laughter and the motivation you need to live life to the fullest. Live, Love and Laugh ~ Cacie Davis :-)
  • Kingdom TV

    • 93 videos
    Welcome to Kingdom TV where you will find everything you need to know about how to operate in the Kingdom of God.

    Kingdom TV (of Rapture Bible Training & Worship Center) is a special forces, Holy Gho
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