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Breaking Rad

31,902 views 11 months ago
A Breaking Bad-themed mnemonic device I came up with to help remember the 118 periodic symbols in order. iTunes mp3: http://tinyurl.com/mozvawv Instrumental: http://tinyurl.com/lbduun8

Can't thank Jeff Rosick enough for his help with the music: http://jeffrosickmusic.com/



sucH cHEmistry abiLIty BEstowed But periodiCally
oNe kilOgram oF awesomeNEss, additioNAl MG scandALous
diagnoSIs Pretty cancerous
conCLusion: eARn pinKman CAsh
SCientifically creaTIng rV CRystal daMN efFEctively
COlor's defiNItely CUrious
shiZNit's illeGAl, danGErous
alAS, superSEdes BReaking banKRupt
fluorocaRBon diSRegardin'
bY eZRa, heiseNBerg's infaMOus

RUlebreakin', fatheRHatin', PD AGitatin'
abCD 1-2-3IN' waSN't diSBursin'', starTEd dealIn'
untaXEd antiCS amBAssadors
colLAborating iCE entrePReneurs
secoNDhand equiPMent, miSMatched amatEUr wronGDoers
ouTBaking anyboDY HOmegrown albuquERque

deparTMent. everYBody!
bLUe higHFalutin crysTAl's Way puREr, clOSe cIRculation abruPTly
AUdit churcHGoers, ouTLaws, stePBrothers, BIrthmothers. rePOrt
whATever keRNels, FRagments, scRAps, trACes THat'll imPArt sUpport
noNProfessional PUrsuit: AMassing pyraCMonite,
baBKinite, maCFallite, ESperite, aFMite, kuMDykolite... eNOugh, aLRight

peRForming colDBlooded tranSGressions, aBHorrent metHSessions, booMTown legenDS; eRGo
epiCNess 'boUUT FLedgeling startUUP puLVerizing statUUS qUUO Show less
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