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VMware Succeeds With Baker Communications' Coaching In The Cloud

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VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity and enable more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware accelerates an organization's transition to cloud computing, while preserving existing IT investments and enabling more efficient, agile service delivery without compromising control. With more than 190,000 customers and 25,000 partners, VMware helps organizations of all sizes lower costs, preserve freedom of choice and energize business through IT while saving energy—financial, human and the Earth's.

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Sales Training 101 Play

One of the most common mistakes that ineffective sales persons make is trying to sell something to a customer before he or she knows what the customer wants to purchase. This approach often sets up a confrontational tug of war in which the sales rep keeps pushing products and the customer keeps backing away. This is a recipe for disaster; at the very least, it is a prescription for a low closing rate. However, there is a better way.

Our one or two-day Consultative Selling Skills class is your ticket to consistently higher closing rates, higher margins and long-term, very satisfied customers. During this highly interactive, hands on sales training workshop, our experienced professional sales trainers will lead you through a challenging array of concepts and activities to help you quickly gain a clear understanding of your customer's needs, interests, problems and issues. The skills you will learn during the class will enable you to understand what the customer does -- and does not -- want to buy, so that you can structure a proposal that will give him what he wants, rather than trying to sell him what you want.

"Igniting a Social, Mobile & Open Enterprise" Play

Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of salesforce.com, recently issued a challenge to the business community that goes something like this: "We started out as a hosted service company but we're now all about social. If you're not in the cloud, we can't wait for you." Without a doubt, the world of business has evolved in record time from an emphasis on products and process to an obsession with driving business through social media. Social media will no doubt be a key emphasis at Dreamforce 2011, salesforce.com's gigantic six-day user conference kicking off August 28 in San Francisco's Moscone Center, so Baker Communications and CBS Radio are teaming up to provide our listeners with six weekly 15-minute programs around everything you need to do to Ignite a Social, Mobile and Open Enterprise culture for your business. Baker VP of Marketing Lin Fisher welcomes leading industry experts who will share best practices that any business can implement to ignite their growth.
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