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COM Secrets: Orientation & Registration

84 views 1 week ago
Anxious about registration? On this episode of COM Secrets, Steph fills you in on tips and tricks for creating the perfect schedule, including how to add and drop classes on the Student Link and where to go for academic advising. #COMSecrets Show less
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COMlife is a web series that documents the lives of Kate, Jason, Alexa, Abby, Will and Kaley - six Boston University College of Communication students - through their entire, four-year college journey. They are a publicist, a filmmaker, a journalist, a photojournalism, advertising major and television producer! The show is shot mostly by the students themselves, who use their cellphones to film school projects, campus events, and the daily activities of a college student. Experience COM and the city of Boston right alongside them.

Season 1 - Kate and Jason
Season 2 - Kate, Jason and Alexa
Season 3 - Kate, Jason, Alexa and Abby
Season 4 - Kate, Jason, Alexa, Abby, Will and Kaley
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