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COM Secrets: The Barnes & Noble Bookstore

170 views 5 days ago
In this week's #COMSecrets, Steph introduces all the resources available at the BU Barnes & Noble Bookstore: textbooks, school supplies, and BU swag. Show less
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COMlife is a web series that documents the lives of Kate, Jason, Alexa, Abby, Will and Kaley - six Boston University College of Communication students - through their entire, four-year college journey. They are a publicist, a filmmaker, a journalist, a photojournalism, advertising major and television producer! The show is shot mostly by the students themselves, who use their cellphones to film school projects, campus events, and the daily activities of a college student. Experience COM and the city of Boston right alongside them.

Season 1 - Kate and Jason
Season 2 - Kate, Jason and Alexa
Season 3 - Kate, Jason, Alexa and Abby
Season 4 - Kate, Jason, Alexa, Abby, Will and Kaley
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