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GTA San Andreas DYOM: [unnamed] Nightmare In San Andreas (part 12) (720p)

208 views 4 days ago
This is me (AznKei) playing an DYOM (Design Your Own Mission) in GTA San Andreas. These missions are from the "Nightmare In San Andreas" mission series and were made by "unnamed".

90's Years , san andreas has being nightmare now , the city has been attacked by Meteor , Zombies and another strange things , Many people trying to survive from the incident , but is imposible if someone can survive without any talent. and Doctor from Zombotech Corporation who made this , he must pay from this Nightmare!! All of the people won't they want became a zombies so they're choose kill themself , and make him turned into Ghost , all of the survivors will be fight with Unimaginable horrors!

The link of this DYOM mission series can be found at: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/sho... .

For those who really want to see more the DYOM mission playthroughs with audio commentary, please visit this link at: http://www.gtaforums.com/in... .

WARNING: If you want to play the mission and don't want to see the spoilers, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Show less
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