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Ayman Mokdad

Subatomic Revolution - Available on itunes and all mp3 download platforms

797 views 1 year ago
Subatomic Revolution my new album is now available on itunes and all downloads platforms.


I found this original, in this new concept album, to describe in music the most elementary particles, the matter and the anti-matter, the fundamental constituents of the universe.

It's an Instrumental progressive metal album with a taste of rock, blues, jazz, and funk.

Below are the songs titles I plan on this album:

Subatomic Revolution
Spin of the Electron
Muons and the cosmic rays
Super Heavy Tauons
Neutrinos and the continuous spectrum
Quarks up
Quarks Charm
Quarks Top
Unknown particle

Songs composed by: Ayman
Drums: Andrew Hopkins
Bass: Markus Fortunato
Rythm and lead guitars: Ayman
Mixing: Ayman
Mastering: Tower Studio
Guest guitar and keyboard soloists in no order: Franck Karmattitude, Karl KB, SLVH, Seb Garsia, Anas Abid, Patrick Amar, Philippe Luttun
Artwork: Theo Show less
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