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About Haiti Grassroots Watch - low resolution

600 views 1 year ago
Haiti Grassroots Watch (Ayiti Kale Je) - http://www.haitigrassrootsw... - is an innovative partnership of two Haitian organizations -- Groupe Medialternatif/Alterpresse and the Society for the Animation of Social Communication (SAKS) -- along with students from the Faculty of Human Sciences at the State University of Haiti and members of two networks -- the network of women community radio broadcasters (REFRAKA) and the Association of Haitian Community Media (AMEKA), which is comprised of community radio stations located across the country.

Haiti Grassroots Watch produces text, audio and video content in Haitian Creole, French and English for audiences in Haiti, in the Haitian diaspora (in Creole and English), as well as in North America, Latin America and throughout the world. The effort focuses on "watchdogging" the aid and reconstruction from the point of view of Haiti's majority, at the same time as it also provides historical and political context, examines structural causes and challenges, and seeks out Haitian academics, technicians and specialists who add their voices to the voices of the Haitian people and their associations and organizations. Write to us: ayitikaleje@gmail.com Show less
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  • Dossier 18 - GOLD RUSH IN HAITI! - Who will get rich?

    • 2 years ago
    There's a gold rush in Haiti.
    But a new investigation from Haiti Grassroots Watch reveals that the public has been mislead by reports in the media and by certain statements from mining company and ...
  • Dosye 18 - Ruée vers l'or en Haïti : Ki yès k ap vin rich?

    • 2 years ago
    La ruée vers l'or, qui se dessine peu à peu depuis quelques années en Haïti, promet de rapporter des bénéfices de quelque 20 milliard $, mais où cet argent ira-t-il? À qui profitera-t-il? Et à quel...
  • SAKS

    • 4 years ago
    SAKS - Society for the Animation of Social Communications, which works with community radio stations - and the challenges and opportunities for community radios and independent media after the Jan...
  • Dosye 11 - Ayiti - "Louvri pou Biznis" - dokimantè

    • 2 years ago
    Videyo sa a gade kesyon "zòn franch," nouvo pak endistriyèl nan Caracol, salè mizè yon ouvriye ayisyen epi ki sa sa koute pou sèlman souviv an Ayiti. Videyo sa a mache ak yon seri tèks 7 pati ki re...
  • Dossier 11 - Haiti, "open for business" - The Salary Issue

    • 2 years ago
    This video looks at a Haitian worker's sweatshop wage and how much it costs to just try to survive in Haiti. It is part of a longer video, and accompanies a seven-part text series, HAITI - "Open fo...
  • Haiti Grassroots Watch #4 - Why has cholera hit Haiti so hard?

    • 3 years ago
    For Dossier #4, Haiti Grassroots Watch took a look at cholera, water and sanitation and asked, why has cholera hit the country so hard? What is the real situation of water and sanitation? How did t...
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