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Simeon Dotkov

  • Simeon Dotkov - Horizon 7 [Main Theme]

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    My name is Marcus Lai.
    Gregorian calendar: 2661.
    500 years since the first humans traveled outside the Solar system.
    470 years since the first contact with sentient humanoid life.
    For more than three centuries Earth has been a matriarchal empire in which all females have social privileges and hold the majority of commanding positions. Human colonies have spread for more than 50 parsecs and although scattered, they managed to live in peace with each other and their extraterrestrial neighbors. Conflicts are usually with civilizations from far away, who refuse to trust the principles of the calculative and female-driven humans or the amazingly advanced, yet strictly exploratory Santarians.
    However, in 2661, a conflict began. One of the outer colonies on Asellus Australis, my home planet ITF-653 (Industrial Terran Facilities), famous for its' huge factories for AFD (Antiphoton Field Distortion) fuel declared independence and refusal to supply the Terran fleets. The reason: the evolution of a disease transmitted via super sub molecular particles that made AFD fuel production way too dangerous at a global scale. Leaders on Earth didn't take that refusal lightly and sent a military fleet to force the factories back into work.
    As the military ships reached Asellus Australis, they realized that our "rebellious" industrial colony has worked on a secret project: a ship with the ability to displace itself with such intensity that it could reach the center of the galaxy in less than a second (something that would take thousands of years with the regular AFD engines). The ship's goal - to leave known space and start anew away from the Terran empire. The ship's name - Horizon 7. I am one of those colonists and one of the chief scientists behind the creation of the EFD (Extreme Field Displacement) engine.
    Unfortunate for us, our escape had been halted by the Terran Fleet commander Victoria Jhulu. She attacked the science facilities and destroyed all possible routes toward the ship, leaving access to it only via assault-grade teleportation. Thousands of refugees were left for dead. The terran forces entered the facility in an attempt to confiscate Horizon 7. Me and the Santarian scientist Bukha were the only colonists in command left on the experimental ship. As our choices started to dwindle, we decided to launch the engine for the first time and target the farthest known clusters, even beyond Santarian space. As we engaged the engine, commander Jhulu and her task force managed to board Horizon 7, just seconds too late to stop the massive field displacement.
    It has been two colony cycles (18-hour days) since we have been taken prisoners by the Terran task force. Our location is calculated as somewhere in the galactic edge of the Perseus arm. Victoria is attempting to force us into navigating Horizon 7 back into Terran space, but the field displacement exhausted 60% of our AFD fuel, leaving us stranded and more than ten thousand years from any known star... We are at a stale mate. Bukha refuses to cooperate with the Terran enforcers and I plan to follow his lead. Victoria seems most agitated and I feel that the tension will quickly be broken by violence. To produce the AFD sub particles necessary for the field displacement, we need incredible manpower and resources to replicate the facilities on my home planet. I sense commander Jhulu has regrets for boarding Horizon 7 due to her inability to return home. Me and Bukha, on the other hand, know that our planet is probably terraformed with the colonists still on the surface or just enslaved again... We will not forget that.
    Marcus Lai, log out.

    The prologue and music are part of my new soundtrack album due for 2014, Jan 1-st. Imagine this story is the first episode of a long TV series that follows the adventures of Horizon 7 and its' crew. The cast changes as the plot progresses, and although teleportation technology allows for the members to clone if killed, sometimes even this won't help.
    Imagine the cover is actually a poster for a TV series someone produced, shot and advertised. When I want to make music that acts like a soundtrack, I make a back story to it and write pages of plots and stories in order to both make myself believe such a movie exists and make the story as entertaining to myself as I can. A spaceship that can teleport anywhere in the universe, operated by two conflicting sides and the chance of incredible encounters with alien species as a galactic war begins to unfold... this, to me, is a plot of great inspiration.
    Obviously, I will never have the chance to produce such series because of financial reasons (and lack of connections), but I CAN make the music to it... and the music will deliver the emotion carried by this short synopsis on New Year's Eve 2014... Show less
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