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Ava Adore

Flight Of The Conchords~Songs From Season 1 Play

1) The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room
2) Robots
3) Not Crying

Bret Gives Up The Dream:
4) Inner City Pressure
5) She's So Hot - Boom!

6) Hiphopopotomus vs. The Rhymenoceros
7)Think About It (Think,Think About It)

8) Coco's Song
9) If You're Into It
10) She-Wolf
11) Sello Tape

Sally Returns:
12) Business Time
13) Song For Sally

14) Bret,You Got It Going On
15) Bowie

Drive By:
16) Albi (The Racist Dragon)
17) Mutha Uckas
18) Leggy Blonde

19) Foux Du Fafa
20) A Kiss Is Not A Contract

What Goes On Tour:
21) Mermaid
22) Ladies Of The World
23) Ladies Of The World (Music Video)

New Fans:
24) Prince Of Parties

The Actor:
25) Cheer Up,Murray
26) Frodo

The Third Conchord:
27) Bret's Angry Dance
28) Doggy Bounce

Flight Of The Conchords Live Play

HBO One Night Stand:
1) Jenny
2) Think About It (Think,Think About It)
3) Business Time
4) Albi (The Racist Dragon)
5) Hiphopopotamus vs. The Rhymenoceros
6) She's So Hot - Boom!

7) Robots~TV2 Big Comedy Gala

8)Hiphopopotomus vs. The Rhymenoceros~The 2004 International Comedy Special

9) Hiphopopotomus vs. The Rhymenoceros~The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Flight Of The Conchords~Songs From Season 2 Play

A Good Opportunity:
1) Rejected
2) Femident Toothpaste
3) Angels

A New Cup:
4) Sugalumps
5) You Don't Have to be A Prostitute

Tough Brets:
6) Hurt Feelings
7) Hurt Feelings (Reprise)
8) Stay Cool

Murray Takes It To The Next Level:
9) Like In My Dreams
10) Friends

Unnatural Love:
11) Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor
12) Carol Brown (Stick Around)

Love Is A Weapon Of Choice:
13) We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady
14) Love Is Your Weapon Of Choice
15) I Love Dogs with Epilepsy

Prime Minister:
16) Simon & Garfunkel
17) Demon Woman
18) Karaoke Song

19) Fashion Is Danger

20) Bret's Day
21) I Told You I Was Freekie

22) Instrumental (Wake Up)
23) Petrov,Yelyena And Me
24) The Broadway Musical
25) Instrumental (The End)
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