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Autohypnosis - In the Loop [official music video]

1,112 views 3 years ago
The official music video for "In the Loop" by Autohypnosis, from the album "Conversation (in) Pieces." To download a free mp3 of this song, and for more music, videos, photos and information from Autohypnosis, visit the official site at http://www.autohypnosis.net

Video directed by Bryan Sandlin (writer/director of the feature film "The End of Our Lives"). Shot on a Canon 7D at 60 fps (frames per second) and slowed down. Show less
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TV Mania Los Angeles Play

These music videos are part of the TV Mania franchise project. This five-part series is by TV Mania Los Angeles. For more information, see autohypnosis.net/tvmania

The instrumental music, composed and recorded by Nathan Stack of Autohypnosis, is completely original, while the vocals are reworkings of the vocals and samples from the original TV Mania album, "Bored with Prozac and the Internet?" No samples are used in these recordings. All instrumental tracks (c) & (p) Nathan Stack. All rights reserved. Video created by Nathan Stack.

TV Mania (tvmaniamusic.com) is a Duran Duran side project by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo. Get the original TV Mania album here: http://goo.gl/6luKSH

Autohypnosis - Pedestrians Play

"Pedestrians," the 2012 album by Autohypnosis, consists of 10 hours of instrumental ambient electronic music. Download the album for free here: http://autohypnosis.bandcamp.com/album/pedestrians
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