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Austin Hill Shaw

Wisdom and Creativity: How to Get Unstuck, Empower Your Innate Creativity, and Inspire Others

333 views 7 months ago
Austin Hill Shaw's Wisdom 2.0 2014 People's Stage Submission.

Wisdom and creativity are two of the most universally appreciated attributes one can exhibit. They are also intimately related.

First, those who appear to exhibit wise or creative traits tend to lead richer, more fulfilling lives than their counterparts. Second, the development of wisdom and the active engagement of creative pursuits can lead to emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturation. Third, both wisdom and creativity are at the heart of innovations of all sorts, including innovative products, ideas, and ways of being. Fourth, understanding the essence of wisdom and how to access it unlocks key aspects of the creative process. Finally, certain conventional understandings of both wisdom and creativity can be limiting and actually hinder their full expression in individuals and organizations alike.

In this powerful, experiential presentation, we will explore wisdom and creativity together, unpacking what they are, how they're related, and how to activate them in your own life.

For more information on creativity, innovation, keynote speaking, coaching, workshops, and retreats, visit www.austinhillshaw.com

About the Presenter

Austin Hill Shaw is an architectural designer, a speaker and writer on creativity and innovation, a Neurolinguistic Programming coach, and an eleven-year practicing Vajrayana Buddhist. In 2004, during a 3 month meditation retreat, he gained insight into the nature of creativity, which he's been unpacking ever since.

Now, as the author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative, the inventor of The Creator's Cheat Sheet, and as a member of the National Speakers Association, Austin's unique and empowering take on creativity is swiftly making its way out into the world. Drawing upon an innovative mix of cutting-edge science, artistic expression, and age-old spiritual wisdom, Austin is a gifted storyteller, one with the ability to unpack the subtleties of the creative process and present them in a way that can be put to use immediately. To learn more visit www.austinhillshaw.com.

To read reviews or order a copy of Austin's book, The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative, visit http://www.amazon.com/The-S... Show less
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