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  • I'm glad you found the video helpful. The braided cable shown here is for a hat pattern I designed. For the pattern, there are 2 purl sts on each side of the braid, then three knit sts on one side, and six knit sts on the other.

    You can get this Braided Cable Hat pattern on my web site, AudKnits.com. Or a simplified free version is available on Ravelry, called Ravelympics Braided Cable Hat.

    Hope this helps!

    Knitting: Braided Cable Technique

    How to use a cable needle to knit a braided cable. Uses the AudKnits Braided Cable Hat pattern.
  • Back Neck Part 1 of 3

    I wrote it all down for you! Go to http://knitsweaterpattern.com to order my e-book, Easy Knitting Design: The Basic Sweater," which contains all the information in my knitting videos.

    Learn to ...
  • Paula Ward

    • 29 videos
    Video tutorials on designing and knitting a woman's sweater.
  • Armholes--Part 1

    I wrote it all down for you! Go to http://knitsweaterpattern.com to order my e-book, Easy Knitting Design: The Basic Sweater," which contains all the information in my knitting videos.

    How to sh...
  • What Is Love?

    • by cvcnow
    • 1 year ago
    Do marriage vows seem to mean as much today as they used to? If you've heard anything about the increase in divorce rates, you may wonder.
    Bill & Glad are ignoring the trends. More than ever the vo...
    • CC
  • Thank you - this was very helpful!

    TIP: Hide Unwanted Purchases on your iTunes Account

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  • Purling in a Long-tail Cast-On

    How to add purl stitches to your long-tail cast-on.
  • Thank you! I'm glad it was helpful.

    Knitting: Cables Without A Cable Needle

    How to make small cables without a cable needle. Here's a demonstration, using crossing stitches. Their symbols are C2F and C2B.
  • Arenda Holladay

    • 137 videos
  • Great video! I've heard of this technique but didn't know what it was. You did a great job explaining it. Thanks for posting this video!

    PS: I love the cat participation segments. :-)

    Knitting With Silk Hankies

    Amy from Out of Step Dyeworks shows you how to knit with silk hankies- no spinning required!

    This technique is used in the flower pin kits featured in the January 2011 Phat Fiber Sampler Box.

  • I've been looking for the longest time for a solution to this double-spacing problem. Thank you for the excellent video!

    How to remove double spacing in messages sent from Outlook 2010 / 2007

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 users often complain that the recipients of their messages say there are double spaces between lines. This situation may happen to HTML emails making them look unprofessional...
  • K2tog Twist & SSK Twist Decreases

    It can be tricky to hide decreases in amongst twisted stitches. I've come up with two decreases, the twisted K2tog twist and the SSK twist, that I like to use in my twisted stitch patterns. In this...
  • Purl Bind Off and Binding Off in Pattern

    Binding off in pattern can make an edge look finished. It's also a great way to mirror a project that was cast on in pattern. I demonstrate how to bind off, alternating knits and purls. This is a g...
  • Thanks for the kind words. It was a fun pattern to design!

    How to Knit Smocking

    Learn how to knit smocking stitch pattern. Demonstration uses AudKnits' "Smock Top Sweater" pattern.
  • De-Pilling Your Knits

    How to use a fabric shaver to remove pills from your knits.
  • Cast On Purlwise - Casting On in Pattern

    How to cast on in pattern using the long tail knit and purl method. A good choice for ribbing; a great choice for reversible projects such as scarves.
  • Thanks for going to all the trouble of making this wonderful video! I'd always been curious about how sock machines work. I love the music, too!

    Sock Knitting Machine - Fun video

    • by ikraftr
    • 4 years ago
    Making socks on my 100 year old Circular Sock Machine. If you've ever wondered how you use these things take a look at this video - they are really pretty easy! I can make a sock in 10 - 15 minut...
  • Turkey Skirmish 1

    These turkeys pushed each other around for the better part of an hour. In the end, they put their heads down to eat grubs together, like nothing had ever happened.
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