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Fanuc Robot Building A Log Cabin - Test #1

336 views 2 years ago
Initial testing of a manually jogged (online) program to pick up logs from feeders and construct a predefined log cabin structure. The robot used in this project is a Fanuc LR Mate 200i. Show less
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Snippets of my life; recorded for your amusement.

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My various attempts at animation

Quad Rotor Project Play

A series of videos documenting the "MAV Deployment" Project within the Mechanical Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Academic Year: 2011-2012; The project team consisted of: Alex Hindley, Adam Campisi, Chris Sanchez, Joe Danner, James Kirk, John Pearsall, Sam Hilerio, and Sam Daley. This project was co-advised by Professor Stephen Nestinger and Professor Michael Demetriou.
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