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www.AscensionExplorers.com New Zealand's True History 'THE COUNCIL' (c) 2011

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These clips were first recorded in Jan and April 2010. Information was first shared with us by The Council of Many Councils about New Zealand when we returned in late 2009.
Here are these snippets and more we invite you to visit www.AscensionExplorers.com
*Look beyond the white mans and brown mans history. Old Lemuria,NZ rose later but is Ancient,Crystal deposits buried here, Mythological story of Fish pulled form the sea was based on a Great Lemurian. Before the Lemurian were the non humans.The Council pronounces NZ's cosmic name. Triangulate the energy of the Crystals and find the power points, The heart of NZ lies between the islands,Our connection to the star people,The Waitaha,Lemurians,Pleiadians.O­ld ways no longer serve,Govt and financial systems failing. Being birthed is the new way of living. connection to source,Gaia heart and soul Family brings peace.. The ring of fire. Gaia wonders why we rebuild on shaken land.

**The Council of Many Councils consist of those representing the Councils of the Galactic Federation, The Council of Light, The White Brotherhood, The Arcturian (Arcturan) & Pleiadian Councils. There are those of Extra-terrestrial Councils, the Human Delegation Council, The Angelic Council. There are those who are the Observers, the Dragon Councils, and many, many more groups. All are represented upon this great council that chooses to share relative information as and when they choose through their varied chosen partners. The reason for this great council is to recognise the varied voices that have much to relate to the growth of the journey we are all on. Their input will relate to those that are present at the time and will vary from nation to nation and inline with the vessels that communicate for them. Show less
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ON THE COUCH with CIFEHTR -Energy Shifts Play

Cifehtr - the Over-soul energy of Adamus St Germain- talks with us via our channel Lou James, about everything we want to know at these times of great shift and change.

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The Council of Many aligned with the Galactic Federation help oversee The ascension of all mankind and the cosmos. There messages have become increasingly powerful, always urging us to stand in our own empowerment, to stop following,stay awakened and be in the fullness of who we are and to connect with our land here in NZ and the whole of Gaia.

Our Lifeshop info.. Play

So you want to know what Self Mastery or a "know yourself" Lifeshop is with Ascension Explorers. Check out these short clips and feel free to pass them on to those who are ready..
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