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How far would you go to vote?

18,666 views 1 month ago
How far would you go for voting?
VBI(Volunteer for a better India) is an Initiative of The Art of Living which gives a platform for every individual in Nation Building.
One of the current projects under VBI is to create awareness, register new voters and mobilize voters to vote in the coming General Elections India, 2014.

Created by
Montoo Bassi, Rahul Reddy, Mayur Karthik
& Volunteers of Art of Living

Sahil Jagtiani

A Better World

And you can download the Ringtone from - https://dl.dropboxuserconte...

Also participate in the Happiness Survey
http://www.ivoteforabetteri... Show less
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Yoga Play

Yoga & meditation have the potential to transform our lives, improving health & help deal with stress.

The Art of Living courses use subtle and simple yet powerful techniques based on ancient practices of yoga and meditation. These techniques are designed in a way which make them easy to practice for people from any age group, beliefs and cultural or social backgrounds.

Videos in this playlist are an attempt to provide these simple and subtle techniques online for everyone to follow.

About the Art of Living Foundation and Sri Sri Play

This is a collection of videos about the Art of Living Foundation & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

There are informative videos about the Sudarshan Kriya and the significance of meditation. Some videos express the views of the world leaders about the Art of Living service projects inspired by Sri Sri. There are also some videos of Sri Sri's visit to different cities and countries around the world spreading his message of peace and harmony.
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