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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne's SpEC Module

303 views 2 months ago
Jason Harper, an electrical engineer in Argonne National Laboratory's EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Center, discusses his SpEC Module invention that will enable fast charging of electric vehicles in under 15 minutes. The module has been licensed to BTCPower. Show less
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Mission Driven Science, Research and Development Play

The best and brightest minds come to Argonne to make scientific discoveries and technological innovations that improve the quality of life throughout the nation and the world.

Argonne conducts fundamental research to understand, predict, and ultimately control matter and energy at the electronic, atomic, and molecular levels in order to provide the foundations for new energy technologies and to support the nation's missions in energy, environment, and national security. Our world-class basic and applied scientific capabilities touch virtually every aspect of energy resources, production, conversion, transmission, storage, efficiency, and waste mitigation.

Energy Play

Argonne is poised to help our nation build an economy that is based on renewable energy and free from dependence on foreign oil, while reducing our carbon footprint. Adopting renewable energy on a grand scale requires next-generation technologies born out of real breakthroughs in materials, chemistry and engineering.

To achieve this goal, our scientists and engineers are advancing the basic energy sciences, focusing their research and development on a broad portfolio of sustainable and clean energy technologies. Innovations in transportation, energy storage and alternative energy sources—including nuclear, solar, and biofuels—are all critical to reshaping America's future.
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