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*`~`Relaxing 3D/ Binaural Haircut ASMR Roleplay`~`* [Long][HD](Soft-Spoken)

985,659 views 1 year ago
For the 3D/ binaural effect, make sure to wear your earbuds/ headset and make sure the Left and Right buds are in their correct corresponding ear. Also, adjust to your volume of preference. :) (Thank you all for the input, I guess most people are enjoying this well enough as is, which is great! Thanks for so many great comments, I'm so happy its being enjoyed so I will leave it up with the intro, if for any reason you're anxious to get to the hair 'action', you can skip to 3:24, or otherwise enjoy it as you wish )

Welcome to the ASMR Island hair salon. In celebration of my channel passing 1 million views and passing 7k subscribers (so happy to have so many of you join me on the journey!), I am treating you to a long, asmr-style haircut and style including a relaxing scalp massage, hair brushing, color treatment, shampoo and condition, cut and style in 3D/ binaural sound. :) If at any time you wonder if a real stylist would say or do something done in this vid, my suggestion would be to give your favorite meme face, shrug, and say/ think 'ehhh... seems legit' :) I will take very good care of you so come on in.

00:00 Intro/ Explanation of Salon Services (soft speaking, ear to ear, personal attention, some unintent. lip smacking, etc.)(I call you Ella for a reason, its a mini shout-out to a whisperer who has taken her channel down for the time being, do you know who it is? :) I miss her!)
3:24 Hair Inspection/ Assessment (gentle combing, intense attention/ inspecting, etc.)
6:30 Scalp Massage (mystery sound/ sensation props, yay)
14:10 Showing Hair Tools (scratchy sounds, delicate handling)
16:00 Hairbrushing (.. brushing sounds... :) )
21:15 Hair Color/ Highlights (lots of yummy sounds: crinkles, light metallic/ paper, brushing, close attention, good stuff)
32:28 Shampoo/ Condition (water sounds, wet scalp massage sounds *`~`*, towel drying hair, etc.)
37:43 Haircut (scissors cut actual hair, combing, close attention, etc.)
46:00 Style- More hair brushing
46:57 Style- Hair straightening
48:45 Final Results Inspection

This was a request by so, so many of you and a couple of the latest were Tim Krueger and cbrb40, you know who you are.

Random blurb/ 'secret' shout-out nods: Hello dear friends, its our moment to gently pamper you with a serene, relaxing, peaceful, escape from worries to the 3D surround sound hair salon, like we're amal.. I mean like we're all* feathery-soft, little rabbits who need our hair brushed, highlighted, trimmed, shampoo'd, conditioned, styled and, of course, our scalp thoroughly massaged, while hearing soft, visual sounds and whispery mists floating into our cute bunny ears.**

This is a longer video and long requested (my longest to date in celebration of reaching the recent milestones in channel views and subs) and as usual, I am providing a trigger/ scene directory. So if you prefer to jump ahead or hop around to your favored parts feel free. If you have patience to watch it through, there should be a nice build in strength of triggering for the most part as things go on, but of course that's up to Your asmr. :) Thanks for understanding and feel free to give kind feedback! Same goes for technical issues as I am still really new at editing things together with the 3D mic and new camera :)

(If you can guess the names of the whisperers/ asmrtists' names I was hinting at in random blurb sentence, tell me in the comments and I'll tell you if you are right~ mini game in the description, yay.) I couldn't even begin to list all of the asmrtists who helped inspire me in making this video because there are so many. Most would know venividivulpes, gentlewhispering, queenofserene, thewaterwhispers, whisperiment, lucidtv, etc., helped lots because working w the 3d sound feel is so new to me and they all have major and stellar ones, but there's just a ton of others too. Also, a lot of non asmr beauty channels helped such as juicystar07. Make sure to check out their channels, but I also really want to shout out an awesome hair video that is on my good 'asmr bro' weightliftingwhisper's channel that I Loved and also happens to surprise feature GentleWhispering and I just love them both so much :D. So go check it out and subscribe to his channel if you'd like here: http://www.youtube.com/watc... :)

Don't forget to Subscribe, Like, Comment, Feedback and Enjoy!
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