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The Apprentice and The Journeyman

Designs in Wood Inlay Bandings Play

Learn how to make wood inlay bandings in the woodworking shop. Watch these YouTube woodworking videos to make designs in wood inlay banding.

Watch woodworking how to videos & learn how to make custom designs in wood inlay banding. Create your own designs for furniture, picture frames, jewelry boxes, & much, much more.

Each how to project video shows woodworking skills, methods, and how to work safe. Woodworkers can enjoy each online project. Check out these woodworking tutorials. Many are fun, simple, and basic lessons. Yet, many can provide a challenge to the woodworker's skill level.

The woodworking methods used in these videos are both age old and modern.

Be inspired and enjoy the experience, Learn how to make superb designs in wood inlay banding.

Cosmati Wood Inlay Bandings #2 Play

The Cosmati wood inlay bandings #2 are inspired the designs used by marble masons for medieval churches in and near Rome, Italy. The wood inlay segments are cut on the band saw with the aid of specific shop made cross cut sleds.

The segments are then glued together using a white glue. The white glue has a slower setting time than say a yellow glue. This extra time is crucial for an accurate arrangement and clamping. Accuracy and alignment is critically important to the integrity of the overall design.

Cosmati Wood Inlay Bandings Play

The Cosmati designs for wood inlay bandings are derived from the patterns of beautiful marble work in Italy during the Middle Ages. The Cosmati family had four generations of marble masons that created architectural decorations for Catholic churches. Wonderful patterns of marble adorn the floors, walls, facades, podiums, and more throughout these historic churches.

The Apprentice and The Journeyman presents YouTube woodworking videos that share creative and original woodworking methods to make decorative wood inlay bandings.

The making of wood inlay bandings in the woodworking shop is a lost art. Watch and learn how to make inlay bandings with the Cosmatesque designs. These proven methods and techniques will allow the woodworker the opportunity to creative custom designs for their own woodworking projects. Furniture, picture frames, jewelry boxes and much, much more can be adorned using these instructions.
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