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against child abuse Play

Children are our future, but many of them are not lucky enough to live on the sunny side of life.


All people, doesn't matter what nationality, social standing, origin, ethnic affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or the will to build a democratic rule of law and a modern and free social order, should be able to live in peace and with support of everyone.

Totalitarian, dictatorial or fascist aspirations instead we should fight with all democratic possibilities.
That means even people who did terrible and unforgiving things deserve to keep their human dignity.
Too many people fought for that during the last decades and died.

I am for a hard and lifelong imprisonment, without any chance of discharge.
I am against death penalty, self-administered justice or torture, because there were too many wrong and failure judgments.
The rules of preventive custody for real dangerous criminals (such as sexual offenders, child abuser or rapists) weren't agreed by German courts but agreed by the European Court of Justice.

In the End:

Everyone who appreciates, protects and defends the human rights is:

No professional inquisitor
No "Linksfaschist"
No hysteric "Gutmensch"
Does not understands or sympathise with paedophiliaes
Is not mental

The time of foment people or concepts of enemies are over as well as the time of the Third Empire or the dictatorships à la DDR, Kuba or other countries.

"Links" or "Rechts" thinking shouldn't have any place in our time.
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