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Ananda Sangha Worldwide

Ananda Sangha Worldwide - Spiritual Communities

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Ananda is a worldwide group of individuals who share the search for higher consciousness and the ideal of service to others. We express this service by offering uplifting values and techniques for achieving peace of mind and inner happiness. Ananda, which means "joy" in Sanskrit, was fo unded to support others in their quest for spiritual growth.

Ananda was founded by Swami Kriyananda and is one of the world's most successful intentional communities. Ananda came into existence in the late 1960's, a time when America saw thousands of attempts to create new models of living. Most of those experiments never survived their first year, but Ananda has thrived and grown. The thoughtful person must wonder why? Three reasons stand above all others. First, Ananda is built on high, spiritual principles with daily meditation as the oil that lubricates all of our interactions. Secondly, we put primary emphasis on the growth of every individual. And finally, through all tests and trials, we have stubbornly held to dharma, or righteous action.

Ananda members are disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda. Yogananda was born in India in 1893 and is best known as the author of the best selling book The Autobiography of a Yogi. www.ananda.org Show less
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Ask Me About Truth with Swami Kriyananda Play

Swami Kriyananda talks about Truth, as he learned it from the yogic teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

The Bhagavad Gita Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda Play

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda as remembered by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda. This book shares the profound insights of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, as remembered by one of his few remaining direct disciples, Swami Kriyananda.

This revelation of India's best-loved scripture approaches it from an entirely fresh perspective, showing its deep allegorical meaning and also its down-to-earth practicality. The themes presented are universal: how to achieve victory in life in union with the divine; how to prepare for life's "final exam," death, and what happens afterward; how to triumph over all pain and suffering.

Swami Kriyananda worked with Paramhansa Yogananda in 1950 while the Master completed his commentary. At that time Yogananda commissioned him to disseminate his teachings world-wide. Kriyananda has in his lifetime lectured, taught, and written over one humdred books based on Yogananda's teachings.

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