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Amelia Lidstrom "Flurries are Phases" ORIGINAL song & winter video (pop/country/alt/electronic/rap)

617 views 6 months ago
this song all started with the thought, "I need a song that I created to listen to while it's snowing." and so I spent anywhere from a week and a half to 3 weeks creating this song. it has evolved much since the beginning. the chord progression used to be different, the lyrics started as excerpts from about 4 separate poems I'd written, the rap slowly evolved into what it is now ... I am all too proud of this piece of music. I would consider it to be pop/country/alternative/electr­onic with a chill-o-matic, relaxing rap.

if you love this and want to put it on your ipod, or your zune, or your mp3 player, or your tablet, or your phone, or whatever the kids operate and carry around these days ... I would LOVE for you to have it. you can email me at phoenix__tears@hotmail.com and I will send it to you. maybe let me know here on youtube as well. the only price is, you must show it to five of your friends. if you like it, show it to five of your friends. if I send it to you, show it to five of your friends. also leave me a comment: what does it mean to you? I have NO idea how a person other than me would perceive it. so I love to hear what it means to other people.

this video is intended to be a beautiful visual compliment to the song. this is the absolute first music video kinda thing I have made and displayed to the world. I've done a few other things in preparation for this but yeah. nothing fancy. it was really hard to make this video ... not exactly hard but very time-consuming and I enjoy making the music a lot more than making the video ;] but I put a LOT into this video as well. beautiful country winter footage for you. it's not supposed to be like ... all ... professional or wutever. it's supposed to be like life.

thanks so much thanks so much peace out brothers, sisters, fellow beings.
let's change the world back to bliss together by loving and supporting one another. Show less
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Amelia's covers recorded on the zoom hd16 ☮ Play

these are some songs that mean a LOT to me, that I was completely inspired to just do, like on autopilot I was so inspired. I didn't even have to try to try hard. that's the kinda stuff I dig. with these, I was able to record multiple tracks, so I could play some piano, and then play some electric keyboard along with that piano, and sing a melody, and then sing harmonies with it.... that's what makes these SO special.

Amelia's ORIGINAL music!!!! Play

all my songs I've written and posted (there are many I have not posted, that are going on my album.) in one stream of tune. tunestream. starting with most recent, going all the way to a LOOONG time ago. or a short time, depending on, you know...perspective. but, ah....
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