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amanda russell

INTRODUCING: The Real Amanda Russell (AR FIT)

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Customized Fitness Plans, Food Plans, & motivation all tailored to YOU!
PLUS access to my entire DataBase of Full-Length Workout Videos - with new ones coming out every other week.
Never question how to structure your workout routine again, learn how to reach and MAINTAIN your goals once and for all!
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And THANK YOU GOOGLE and Youtube for choosing me as the 'YouTube NEXT TRAINER'
Subscribe and tune in to witness my weekly workout and lifestyle shows. Not only will I feature my AR workout program which will teach you how to get you into the shape of your life (no fancy gym membership required), but I'll also post weekly talkshows on all things life, from current hot trends to old cellulite busting tactics ! I want to revolutionize the way people work out and I want to take you guys with me.
We only have one body, one life, lets all support each other getting healthy, getting happy, looking and feeling the best we ever have! love, Amanda

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Total Body Workouts | Amanda Russell Play

These workouts focus on exercises that will tone and sculpt your entire body! my Total Body workouts are filled with Cardio and Muscle strengthening routines to get you looking fit strong, and SEXY!

Get more from Amanda by going to: http://www.Amanda-Russell.com

Lower Body Workouts | Amanda Russell Play

These workouts will tone and sculpt your entire lower body, including your butt and thighs!

For more workouts, go to: http://www.Amanda-Russell.com

Arm and Shoulder Workouts | Amanda Russell Play

Get all the workouts you need to sculpt and tone your upper body! Exercises in these routines focus on sculpting your arms, back, and shoulders.

Get more from Amanda by going to: http://www.Amanda-Russell.com

"Fit Tips" | Amanda Russell Play

Prepare for your workouts just like Amanda does! Check out her latest Fit Tips to keep a healthy fit lifestyle.

Get more from Amanda at: http://www.Amanda-Russell.com/
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