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Ali Brustofski

Ali Brustofski - Loveblind (Official Music Video)

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Ali Brustofski - Loveblind - On iTunes & Spotify! http://msclvr.co/Ali-Loveblind
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Dreams can come true, even big ones ... Hey guys! Thank you for watching the official music video for my original single, "Loveblind"! This video received it's world premiere September 24, 2013 on the MyISH channel, and was produced by IconicTV and ISH Entertainment. Their entire team did such a wonderful job on the video and I'm so happy to finally be able to share it with you on my channel. Thank you to my great friend and co-writer for Loveblind, Craig Wilson and to my producer, the super talented David Browning! I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks to YOU for the incredible support for my first EP, "Dream Big"! I love EACH AND EVERY member of my #DreamTeam! ALSO special thanks to my patrons for allowing me to continue to move my music and videos to the next level, and I'm so excited to see what we can do together in the future!!!!
Xoxo Ali
PS - Don't tell anyone, but there might be one more brand new music video coming from the Dream Big EP soon ... ;)

☆ Dream Big EP on sale for just $4.99 iTunes! http://msclvr.co/Ali-DreamBig
☆ My first original music video, "Green Light"!: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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☆ "Boys Like U", the music video for my new single with Like The Movies!: https://www.youtube.com/wat...


*MUSIC: All instruments and programming by David Browning
Produced and Mixed by David Browning: https://twitter.com/david_b...
Vocals produced by Ali Brustofski & Craig Wilson: https://twitter.com/cdwprod
Vocals Engineered by Mor Mezrich: https://twitter.com/earsand...

Produced by ISH Entertainment - Website: http://www.ish.tv
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/isht... & http://www.twitter.com/ishd...
Eric Miclette - director/producer/editor
Joe Goodman - camera/cinematography - http://www.begborrowstealfi...
Matthew Peters - camera/cinematography
John Hanlon - camera/cinematography
Carlo Rojas - camera/cinematography
Ivonna Maziuk - production manager
Abram Seaman - editor/graphic design and effects
Paul Leo - executive producer

Filmed on location at 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens, NY. Learn more about this now removed former world famous landmark - http://www.5ptz.com/

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Ali Brustofski - Dream Big EP - On iTunes now!: http://msclvr.co/Ali-DreamBig
1. Green Light - Ali Brustofski, David Veslocki (Produced by David Veslocki)
2. Forever Young - Ali Brustofski, David Veslocki (Produced by David Veslocki)
3. Goodbye to the Rain - Ali Brustofski, Charlotte Sometimes, Robert Lester (Produced by Robert Lester)
4. So Far - Ali Brustofski, Craig Wilson (Produced by David Browning)
5. Loveblind - Ali Brustofski, Craig Wilson (Produced by David Browning)
6. You Are - Ali Brustofski, Charlotte Sometimes, Blueprint Music (Produced by David Veslocki)
EP mastered by David Veslocki
All songs © 2013 Ali Brustofski

LOVEBLIND (written by Ali Brustofski & Craig Wilson) - LYRICS

Verse 1:
The way you'd brush my hair, out of my eyes
Said you'd catch every tear I might ever cry
The way you'd sing to me, our favorite song
It never mattered that you never knew the words were wrong

I don't wanna remember you
But somehow you stained this heart of mine
How do I walk away from you?
How did you, just leave me behind?

Before you run
Before you hide
I need one last thing tonight
No matter how
Hard I try
I just can't go loveblind
oh oh loveblind, oh

Verse 2:
I've tried to copy you, and do the things you do
Cause you're not broken, you've moved on, you're breaking all the rules
And I try to smile, but it's all an act
I hear your name, and every time it seems to pull me back

Chorus (3X)

Loveblind Love Blind
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