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Pervert Pete

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Omegle Funny Moments Play

Pervert Pete goes on Omegle to make new friends! Pete is a make believe character and is 100% joking, do not take anything he says seriously. Its all for fun and laughs! These are Pervert Pete's funny moments on Omegle.


All the videos where Pervert Pete meets his favorite people on Omegle, the Cosplayers of Omegle! Im learning more and more about cosplay each time I go on but one thing is for sure, cosplayers are some of the coolest peeps on Omegle! So here is all my Omegle Cosplay videos for you to watch!

Pervert Pete 1.0 - The Early Omegle Days Play

These are Pervert Pete's earlier Omegle videos, when he was just starting to figure out who Pete is, how he was and most importantly, he had a really bad microphone. So sit back and watch the evolution of Pervert Pete! Don't forget to watch the newer Omegle videos on the "Pervert Pete On Omegle 2.0" playlist!
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