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Across The Airwaves Podcast

Across The Airwaves Podcast "Happy Days" Trailer - Fall 2010

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Ten years ago Dan Schmidt and Christopher "Nico" Reifsteck met in a Summer Camp cabin with our fellow inhabitants as wacky as an episode of Family Guy. It was there they formed a Buddy Cop relationship over their love for watching Television which began a tradition of spending hours talking about our favorite shows. As Dan headed off to College, he began to use his weekly TV phone discussion with Nico to help him complete his script writing assignments. Eventually as the conversations took Dan's writing skills and Nico's Television watching skills to new heights they decided to share their discussions with every TV Watcher who has access to the Internet, the only question was how? A few days later this question was answered when Dan discovered Starkville's House of El, a podcast hosted by Derek Russell and Steve Glosson that was dedicated towards Smallville. After listening to several episodes Dan realized SHoE was an awesome show but thought it was a bummer that Derek and Steve could only cover Smallville when there are so many great TV Series out there in need of a podcast. This issue inspired Dan and Nico to create a Pardon The Interruption formatted podcast that discussed multiple TV Series on a weekly basis and on that day ACROSS THE AIRWAVES WAS BORN.

Television Shows We Are Currently Covering: Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, V, Human Target, Bones, Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville, Leverage, White Collar and more to come at the beginning of the Fall 2010-2011 Season.

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