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Ace Hoffman

Spent fuel composition by Ace Hoffman (based on Sorensen)

226 views 9 months ago
This two- minute animation was created using Kirk Sorensen's Spent Fuel Explorer, which in turn uses an industry-validated source for generating the data.

I apologize for the flickering! And for saying "megaton" when I meant "metric ton." And for the "20 year" text not being quite synced up to that time period. This is a first draft!

The flickering is due to an over-the-air capture of two runs of Sorensen's program. I didn't have time to figure out a pure-digital method in order to finish this by the day it was first needed (for the nuclear waste symposium in San Clemente October 19th, 2013). The image on the right had to be time-matched to the one on the left because the computer ran that portion of the simulation much faster than the more colorful left side. The two sides show the same thing different ways, and are in reasonably close synchronization now.

Video by Ace Hoffman
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