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The Fallen | MW3 Montage | By Ace

19,908 views 2 years ago
Editing & Gameplay by me, Ace =)
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Inspired by some of the greatest players in the Call of duty Franchise:
Small Beans
OpTic H3CZ
Faze Teeqo!
Faze Fakie!
Faze Spratty
Faze Temperrr
Darth Aimbot
Darth Campo
Hutch & Seananners!

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Songs in order:
Les Friction - World On Fire (Instrumental - Epic Hybrid Action) (1st half of the song)
Sweet Dreams (sucker punch) CreepMix - Creep
Linkin Park - "New Divide" (Instrumental) - Transformers 2
SFG - Damage Vault
Torqux & Twist - Unleashed
Les Friction - World On Fire (Instrumental - Epic Hybrid Action) (2nd half of the song)
Disclaimer: All Credit goes to the Above Artists/Labels for the Audio Used.

In this Video, you will learn:
How to play Call of Duty MW3,
How to get a Quadfeed or Killfeed,
How to get a Triple Kill,
How to make a Montage.

Programmes Used:
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Adobe After Effects CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Cinema 4d
Boujou 4

Extra Tags, Ignore:
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