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ATIC Records

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'Follow the Outline' - ATIC Records 2010 Play

Rare and unreleased tracks from ATIC Records available now on CD / MP3 from www.aticrecords.com.

Niko 'Hate & Love' Play

Niko - 'Life On Earth' ATIC Records 2010 Play

Debut album from Seattle born Niko. First released in 2004 on Grand Central Records, re-released in 2010 on ATIC Records. Downlload now at www.aticrecords.com.

We Live Here. ATIC Records 2010 Play

Did anyone see 'The Secret Millionaire' when it came to Barrow? It painted a hilariously exaggerated picture of a drug-addled, good for nothing shit-hole corpse of a town with no redeeming features whatsoever. Fair enough (joke) but we live here and love it. So much so, we've created an ongoing photographic series pairing images we've taken of the area with carefully culled tracks from the ATIC back catalogue. To see where Aim gets much of the inspiration for his widescreen beats, check out these 'We Live Here' vids.

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