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All Peoples Church Bangalore

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Series of messages by Ps Ashish Raichur on 'Living Strong - Living Life the JESUS Way' telecast on God TV, every Monday at 9 pm IST would be featured here for the benefit of those who don't have access to God TV.

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The Foundations series are messages that examine the foundations of our faith and why we believe in what we believe in. As we grow in our Christian walk, as individuals and as a church, it is vital for us to ensure that our foundation, our basics are secure and in line with the infallible truth of God's Word.

This series will look at messages that remind of us of the nature of God, the love of God and his salvation plan for us, the assurance of salvation, overcoming temptation, prayer, the Local church, prayer, praise & worship, God's Word, the local church, the sacraments (Water Baptism, Lords Supper), who we are in Christ Holy Spirit, faith, stewardship as well as God's purpose for your life.

Make sure that your foundations are strong and secure as you run the race of faith. Be blessed!

Track 1 constitutes the following lessons:

1. The Nature of God
2. Salvation
3. Assurance of Salvation & Forgiveness
4. Overcoming Temptation
5. Prayer
6. Praise & Worship
7. God's Word
8. The Local Church
9. Sacraments (Water Baptism, Lords Supper)
10. In Christ
11. Holy Spirit (Including Holy Spirit Baptism)
12. Faith
13. Stewardship
14. God's Purpose for your life
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