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ADz Pipes

Chris Morgan Fusion Mural Project

800 views 4 months ago
Some time back Chris Morgan of 'Morgan Pipes' and myself got into a collaboration and he asked to have a mural made based on the ones in my place, we agreed on a trade and due to circumstances beyond my control, it had to sit on the back burner a while.
Well it has been completed, and the following footage is some clips of the actual work involved from start to finish.
The mural is on a blackout roller blind measuring approx 5ft by 4ft, using non fade permanent markers I draw RFA (Random Fusion Art) filling the panel and linking as many of the subjects as possible.
No preliminary sketch, its all off the cuff as you will see.
The work was done over several days, on and off, as the imaginative flow beckoned, I drew, when it didn't I put the pen down.
More of this style can be seen on my Deviant Art page here - http://adzart.deviantart.com/

Chris's amazing craft is here - http://www.morganpipes.com/
Music - is copyright free from http://www.audiomicro.com Show less
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What started out as a bit of a laugh now is a solid part of pipe presenting YouTube History, amazingly most want to be undead whist having a puff or two, so even though I was gonna 'kill' it on the 3rd video - seems like you lot WANT MORE BLOOD...!!!!

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