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Tobii AAC

Tobii Gaze Viewer - Record real gaze data for assessments

23,458 views 3 months ago
Tobii Gaze Viewer functions as an assessment tool for the SLT (SLP), teacher, parent, educational psychologist or anyone else wanting a better understanding of a user's capabilities. It is easy to use, simple to get up and running and only takes a few minutes to start making simple reports

With Tobii Gaze Viewer and a Tobii assistive technology eye tracker, you can record real eye tracking data from any application like the Internet, e-books, games, movies and more.

Save the data as single images or movies, with heat maps and gaze plots and use it to assess an individual's physical capabilities and cognitive understanding and to make simple reports for eye gaze assessments, clinics, schoolwork, reading comprehension, clinical comprehension and much more -- all done easily and instantaneously Show less
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