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Trevor Ridvidd

Ridvidd preview of short video clips

734 views 1 year ago
Sample of short video clips from small selection of my Video's , Including Cambridge Rock Blues , Dorset Steam Fair, Dr Haze, The Freak Show , Welland Steam Fair, Bedfordshire Steam Rally , MAG Dirty Donkey , Pole dancers, Pole Attack , Larry Miller , MFU Band , Mama Jenufa , Luna Delovely , Burlesque Show, Cancan dancers , motorcycle globe riders ,Civil War reenactment at West Wycombe Park ,Tractor Pulling , Steam Waggons , Juggling and More
Fimed by trevor ridvidd http://www.youtube.com/user...

How to Get Email Notifications of New Videos from a User You Subscribe To on YouTube

Hi thanks for watching this video , If you liked it and would like to see more please subscribe to Trevor Ridvidd , also want to know when I upload a new video and receive a email notification,
you need to

1) Subscribe to Trevor Ridvidd
2) Sign in to your utube channel
3) Go to your Subscriptions page by Clicking on your Channels name ( on top right Hand corner )
4) Click on Manage subscriptions (On the left hand side lower screen)
5) Put 2 tick in Trevor Ridvidd box's (Email me about new uploads and show only uploads in feed " this box will put new uploads at top " )
Trevor Ridvidd

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