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Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

1,787,365 views 6 years ago

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The song in this video was written by Lehrer as early as 1952 or 1953 (may be even earlier), years before an Austrian version appeared, for which Lehrer did not get any credit. Sometimes Lehrer himself would cover other people's songs, but they were always credited. "Poisoning Pigeons In The Park" is a true Tom Lehrer original. Use the link below to read more about the Kreisler/Lehrer discussion:


Some people have written messages to this channel, angered because of the posting of this song. They are "friends of all animals", which basically means that they didn't get it.

Lehrer said that he is OK with "The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel" on YouTube, as long as the performance is not altered and as long as it's free in the YouTube flash video format.

Click on the user name and visit the channel's front page. The channel is Lehrer only. And here is a link to a NEW channel support page:


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© Tom Lehrer

Recording date: September 11th 1967
Format: Ampex Quadruplex PAL 4:3
Status: A very rare recording
Storage: Sony Digital Betacam
Production and preservation: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - the NRK, Norway. More here:

http://www.nrk.no/informasj... Show less
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MAIN PLAYLIST: An evening wasted with Tom Lehrer. Will play: Play

Click "play all" and watch in the right order: 1 and 2) National Brotherhood Week and When You Are Old And Gray 3) MLF Lullaby 4) Poisoning Pigeons in The Park 5) So long, Mom (A Song For World War III) 6) Pollution 7) The Masochism Tango 8) Send the Marines 9) Who's Next 10) Wernher von Braun 11) The Vatican Rag 12) We Will All Go Together When We Go.
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