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Danny Wilten

Danny Wilten - Neurologists Prove Claims Of Pareidolia Are Fabricated

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"Neuropareidolia: diagnostic clues apropos of visual illusions,"
The two neurologists, Péricles Maranhão-FilhoI & Maurice B. VincentII


Wrote the following:
"Meshberger wrote on his neuroanatomical interpretation of the Michelangelo's oil "Creation of Adam"3. By comparing the image of God wrapped in a swirling cloak surrounded by cherubins depicted at the right side of the picture to a brain sagittal view, he probably provided the pareidolia example with the greatest repercussion in modern medical literature. In a pure pareidolia attempt, convinced that the left-handed master from Florence purposefully included anatomical messages in his pieces, two Brazilian authors wrote a book on putative interpretations of Michelangelo's paintings' details as organs, bones, joints, and a series of other aspects of the human anatomy"

Summary of Video:
This video presents evidence that the two doctors above are incorrect. Had they performed a detailed analysis, declaring the infamous diagnosis of the pseudoscientific method labeled Pareidolia would not have been necessary. There are a total of four neurologists in this discussion. Two of them that wrote about Michelangelo and the brain, and the two that criticized the first two.

Part II: Inner detail of brain:

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