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Awesome Lightning Storm at Union Valley Reservoir, CA (July 22-23, 2013)

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Watch in high quality (480p). It was a restless night Monday for many people in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin with all the booming thunder and flashes of lightning filling the sky this late evening. Crews in Alpine County were working on a fire that started from the lightning. The rain was spotty throughout the region. South Lake Tahoe received 0.11 of an inch. It was thanks to an upper level disturbance that had moved over the region this evening and had set up this stormy weather. It was totally a surreal experience in person!

Me and my family saw this thunderstorm/lightning storm as the storm drifted just south of our camping area at Wench Creek Campgrounds at the Union Valley Reservoir that evening. While we were chilling by the campfire at our campsite at Wench Creek Campground, one of my cousins (Shanon) saw flashes behind the trees towards the east. It turned out it was a lightning storm coming towards us! So I got excited and started filming the lightning. The full moon, also amazingly known as the full thunder moon this month, was also visible just above the lightning show. Then the thunderstorm had rolled in closer and later hid the moon behind its ominous stormy clouds. A few of us youngsters and peeps that were still awake decided to head down to the lake to view the lightning show a lot clearer away from the trees. We also saw a small deer while on the way.

The lightning was quite frequent, especially around 11:30 - midnight...averaging a few flashes per minute! It was all quiet at the lake of Union Valley Reservoir and all you can hear is distant thunder towards the southeast while at the lake's shore.. A surreal experience indeed. It was also a full moon that evening too, so we can even see the wicked skies above, the rain shafts and the storm's structure. We were out in the open o_0. At first, I got a bit scared and concerned since I thought that we were at a danger zone to get struck by lightning but it turned out that the thunderstorm just missed us and had just continued drifting southwestward or so. You can hear our reactions to the bright lightning flashes and anvil crawlers. But nonetheless, head indoors, or in a vehicle when threatening weather approaches. We just got lucky ourselves :D

*Honestly, this was the best lightning storm I've seen in person & filmed (so far)! Slow motions were included in the video of the best lightning shots filmed.

More info of the place: The Union Valley Reservoir is a reservoir located in eastern El Dorado County, California, about 20 miles northeast of Placerville, CA. The lake is in Eldorado National Forest in the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of around 4,870 feet.

(Footage filmed late Monday night into midnight of Tuesday at Wench Creek Campground/Union Valley Reservoir, CA, July 22-23, 2013, during our annual family camping trip)

***This explains why we would be getting t-storms here in Cali: A low pressure system that started in the Eastern U.S. had retrograded under a ridge of high pressure... This system was moving from east to west, which was extremely unusual for this hemisphere. This one was to make it to SoCal by the time it had weakened. This particular system had traveled from one side of the country to the other & had stopped moving west, diving into Mexico. It had gathered up monsoonal moisture to be put into Nevada and Southern California...This system had then drifted northward, bringing instability and moisture for our region amazingly. It's neat how a storm from the East Coast had come to our neck of the woods here in Cali!*** Show less
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