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Bertin van Vliet

VISITORS - wish upon a star

672 views 7 months ago
music video by Bertin van Vliet

Shot in a one bedroom apartment in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Made for out of space.


Внеземной музыка ПОСЕТИТЕЛЕЙ из космоса. Музыка о роботах.

music: http://visitors.bandcamp.com

vocoder lyrics:
I wish upon a star
you wouldn't be so far
I would have enjoyed
to dance with a humanoid

you so far away from me
I play this melody
it's all I can do
my voice belongs to you

alone in the galaxy
my mind plays tricks on me
you appear in the night
by the moonlight

I wish upon a star
That your and my avatar
have the same chemistry
in a virtual reality

and now as I set my course
to the edge of the universe
i feel much closer to you
than ever

we knew it had to end this way
I'm not from your milky way
And you wouldn't move to the doldrums Show less
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sci-fi music videos by VISITORS научная фантастика музыкальное видео инопланетянами エイリアンによって行われた空想科学小説、ミュージックビデオ、Science fiction muziek videoclips gemaakt door buitenaardse wezens. la science-fiction, musique vidéo, réalisée par des extraterrestres. นิยายวิทยาศาสตร์เพลงวิดีโอที่ทำโดยคนต่างด้าวที่
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