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SHORTE (Feat. Jennifer Newberry) -Take Me High

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Song: Take Me High (Single)
Album: Infinity
SHORTE X Jennifer Newberry
Written by: E.Obina(shorte)
Produced by SHORTE
Co-Produced by Teal Douville of Undercaste studios
Recorded & mixed by Teal Douville of Undercaste Studios

(Also available on Spotify, AmazonMP3, Googleplay, +more)

You wanna fly, I wanna fly, lets spread our wings and fly
Lets go the distance just you and I, lets spread our wings and fly
You take me on that high

Verse 1
Dawm momma fly, yeah she fly
Look a little scured, naw she just shy
She dont even talk, she just move her thighs
How you suppose to know, just look in her eyes
Dawm momma good, yeah she just good
Supermodel chick that came out the hood
She don't give a aghh, and I don't give a F either
So we freaking on each other, give the club a teaser.

You got me going crazy, sexy, you so dawm sexy
I'm about to leave my friends, so lets make this night begin, lets make this night begin


Verse 2:
She must be from heaven, yeah she from heaven
Look like a angel, every different angle
Every way I look, down to the ankles
She bad, I don't know where she left her halo
Tell me how you got in those stilettos
And how your eyes change colors like fruity pebbles
Am I mistaken I don't know you tell me
What I wanna know, you coming home with me? Show less
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