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P:TBS Episode 19- Family

254,976 views 5 months ago
An Elite3 production

The gang meets a family who spends more money on hair dye/gel and fabric than on funeral arrangements.

Scripted and voiced by Nowacking, xJerry64x, and 1KidsEntertainment.

Lanipator as Mitch
Takahata101 as Frank
KaiserNeko as Mark
Stephan Krosecz as Angry Guy and Deaf Guy

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a logo to us! And thanks to Stephan for the logo we wound up selecting!

To remain up to date on the status of new episodes, you can go here:
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Pokémon: The 'Bridged Series Play

Pokémon: The 'Bridged Series has been described as "absurd". This may be an understatement.

Basically, we've taken the idea of "Abridging", copied it completely, and then did something slightly different. And applied it to Pokémon. It's a shorter, and hopefully funnier, version of Pokémon, produced by fans of the original in an attempt to make other fans laugh.

Videos I'm Involved With Play

Videos that I've been involved with, whether it be by cameo or scripting or editing; or maybe it's just a video about me in some weird way.

I won't be putting anything in here from my own channel, of course.

Death Note: The Abridged Series Play

Death Note: The Abridged Series. Batteries not included. Laughter may occur with purchase of Diet Soda. Illegal in all states except those beginning with a letter between and including A and Z.
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