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Chris Gillooly

Gillooly - Somebody

242 views 5 months ago
One take.

I'll take a mic instead of soaking over broken hearts
I ain't the type to closely hold on to my lonely scars
Cuz if you show 'em off, you'll always know what's gone
and feeling loss is what makes living in the moment hard

I want wife and kids somewhere in this life I live
But not for quite a bit so I'mma let the timer tick
This one's for those who want more than just sex and drinks
So wave your hands in the air if you wear a wedding ring

But y'all slaves to the casual, reaping quick benefits
Waiting to come back at you, when you're least expecting it
Look, I'm not saying I'm an L-O-V-E veteran
So keep your bleeding purple hearts until your incentive's fixed

And you can attest it with how impressions ain't genuine
So you question the evidence of affection and selflessness
Quit loving through a clueless mask
Turns out prince charming had the morals of a sewer rat

Stressed out with a needy codependent
Caught up in a cycle 'stead of settling for lessons
Neither party's happy, just paranoid and pathetic
An arrogant boy conjoined with a terrible choice of ethics

Break free from them chains full of false hopes
Retrace your steps and back track to your path from the cross roads
Tomorrow's a new day if you make and choose ways
to move hate and lose pain for new faith

You aren't defined by your undiscovered other half
or the grudges of those troubled suckers that clutch the past
and I would hate to ruin your self-esteem
But don't you dare say "love" until you know what the hell it means

I love you all
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