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15 Reasons - Alyson Wonderland

2,416 views 3 months ago
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Artist: 15 Reasons
Song: Alyson Wonderland
Album: The Art Of Commitment
Label: Graviton Music Services
Distributor: Rough Trade
Lyrics written by: Nicholas Brynin, Valery Granson, Fred Werner
Music written by: Nicholas Brynin, Valery Granson, Fred Werner
Directed by: Gwendoline Baye
Length: 3:31
ISRC: NL-01X-14-00002
Year: 2014
Artists country: Belgium
Videos country: Belgium

15 Reasons has just released their brand new music video for 'Alyson Wonderland' from their new album 'The Art of Commitment' that has just been launched among a slew of very positive reviews from all over Europe. The album is released via Graviton Music Services, home to some heavy hitters like Channel Zero, Cayne and Last Day Here and has just reached # 1 on the Music in Belgium Dynatop charts.

Frantic, manic and trippy are but a few words that could be used to describe the new video. A throwback to the early 1900s classic Alice in Wonderland, the new video explores the darker side of rabbit holes creating a fast paced clip with a vintage, horror and rock n' roll vibe. When asked why the band chose this song as its lead video the answer was easy: "15 Reasons is known for rather long, epic songs often running past the 7 minute mark. This was our shortest, craziest and fastest song which made it the perfect choice for a rocking video! ".

The song was one of the last one's written for the album and almost didn't see the light of day. In a last minute creative burst, the song was written and recorded in just one afternoon showcasing the eclectic mix of styles that 15 Reasons is known for. A thrash metal song at heart, Alyson Wonderland also has some speed rock vocals, tongue in cheek lyrics, grungy harmonies as well as various time and speed changes laced with atmospheric guitar leads. As a side note, the song title 'Alyson Wonderland' pays tribute to a band held by our sound engineer many years ago.

'Alyson Wonderland' was directed by Gwendoline Baye from Pikaboo, a cutting edge Belgian Audio/visual production house. It was filmed in a historic country manor and the video shoot shook up the Belgian country side for an unforgettable day of shooting. Gwen is a gifted and professional director and the band gave her full control to shape the video to match her vision which thrilled the band. Stay tuned for another video produced by this winning team in the months to come. Show less
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