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  • Explain?

    U2 AN CAT DUBH / Into the Heart

    • 4 years ago
    U2 An Cat Dubh (The Black Cat) - Probably my favourite U2 song. Shortened version to show friend fret positioning on solo & bridge into 'Into the Heart' etc.

    Gear Used: Back to basics on this co...
  • Nice work! Would be good to see you playing it?

    U2 Cover - UTEOTW - Vox Valvetone

    • by candorm
    • 7 years ago
    This is more of an experiment. I find with most Multi FX units the Overdrives and distortions sound a bit digital. This time i tried running a Vox Valvetone pedal in the effects loop of my tonelab ...
  • Sorry, please translate? Thank you for viewing.

    U2 Another Time Another Place Guitar Cover and Solo

    • 3 years ago
    Recorded (in haste!) to show friend fret positioning on most of the song, in particular the solo. It's a shorted version of the song played slowly (which is more difficult than I thought it would b...
  • agreed, odd looking strat, however you can't argue with the sound, or the playing. Really enjoyed watching this

    U2 Ultraviolet UV

    A mix of zootv and 360 style i think. lead1 into voxac30 axe fx delay at 412ms
  • This is the best cover I have seen both in terms of tone and technique, brilliant! Finally someone gets it right!

    Where The Streets Have No Name - U2 (guitar cover/demo)

    • by jrffite
    • 2 years ago
    With captions.
    1993 MIJ Strat - RC Booster - BB Preamp - Tone Press - DD20 - Strymon Bluesky Reverb - Mbox 2 - Reaper amp plugin. Audio recorded before video. Guitar panned right.
  • brilliant

    With Or Without You - U2 cover

    It's Irish Law every Irish guitar player must be able to play at least 1 U2 song. Just got an e-bow so decided to learn this song. Big thanks to @U2GuitarTutorials on youtube for the axe-fx patch a...
  • I use the A3, I find the SDD1000 cannot deliver anything like the modulation required for U2 sounds. As a pure 'echo' unit it's very good, however I use it mainly for the pre-amp & drive i.e. it is always set to 8-8.

    U2 Effects and Settings - BAD Guitar Cover

    • 4 years ago
    Bad (no pun intended!) recording quality however gear used: POD XT Pro, Korg A3, Yamaha Rev7, Korg SDD1000, Boss Fa-1, MXR Dyna Comp, Boss SD-1, Fender Deluxe90, Herdim Blue Plectrum - Although it'...
  • Jaw dropping, can't say anything more about this, simply awesome.

    Jam - In the City

    • by augek
    • 7 years ago
    The Jam, the band that didnt really fit into the punk rock standards, The Jam didn't want to be placed there. They did it their own way... and so brilliant good!! Presented by Tony Wilson
  • Cheers, appreciated. Also just checked your channel, nice work on Adored (massive Roses fan myself - was at Alexandra Palace & Spike Island). Happy to help, send message to inbox and we can exchange 'notes'?

    U2 Effects - Shimmer

    • 4 years ago
    More Organ than Shimmer however - Gear used: Fender '86 - Split channel using Korg SDD1000, Korg A3, Verbzilla, Boss Fa-1, MXR Dyna Comp, Boss GE-7, Boss Enhancer EH-2, Alesis Midi Verb II, Electro...
  • Love it

    U2 Twilight guitar Sherm911

    Gibson Explorer.....
  • I use a slower version of this for my shimmer intro (see channel) - there are few versions of this into around - did you start it? if not any idea as to who did? PS: Nice work!! :)

    Where the Streets Have No Name (Guitar Sherm911)

    Ahhhh.....The Edge's sound....
  • As a guitarist I do not watch many 'bass covers' but this is very nice mate - great work! Also, one of the best 'ever' bass lines, Mr Clayton is pretty good eh?

    New Years Day-U2

    • by romuws
    • 6 years ago
    L'un des plus beau morceaux de U2
  • Anyone taking on the guitar & piano is good in my books & I think this is a great version, cheers. PS: Nice Les Paul

    new years day u2 my cover

    • by mjk40
    • 6 years ago
    yes its me playing the piano or shold i say korg x3, not much of a player but i get by, anyway this is done with the sd1 and sdd3000.
  • Nice, like a cross between the War & Red Rocks version(s). Geat job!

    U2 - New Year's Day - Guitar Cover

    New Year's Day
    (backing track with vocals)

    Gear Used: Strat HighWay ONE - M13 - Spider III 15

    M13(L) - Spider III (used as a monitor)
    M13(R) - laptop's Line Input (no amp simulati...
  • Love it

    U2 New Years Day

    I put together this video using all of the released vidoes of U2 doing New Years Day. Enjoy!
  • Top marks for taking this on i.e. both piano & guitar! Only thing I would say is more gain, & delay @ 440ms. I have just finnished a row with a friend who believes it should be 450ms (see my version) - suppose it also depends on playing tempo though!? Anway, great job, enjoyed watching this.

    U2 New Year's Day - Full live version

  • Another 'tonal' master piece from Kavalid, also like the harmonics at the end

    Out of Control Cover

    Out of Control Cover http://www.soundliketheedge.com
  • Brilliant effort! Can't believe he's 10 & plays like this! Solid Edge / U2 Fan in the making here!!

    Ed moves in mysterious ways

    My 10-year old son Ed(ge) gives it some wah and overdrive...
  • Magical, rare, delightful, inspiring - Beautiful

    (U2) With Or Without You - Sungha Jung

    • by jwcfree
    • 6 years ago
    Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at http://www.sunghajung.com

    Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com plays 'With or Without You' from 'U2 Medley' by Doyle Dykes.


  • Brilliant, I can play this also and therefore know how long it takes to learn it and perform it - you have done a great job here, and not many 'U2'You Tubers' have tried it (let allone heard of it) - Great stuff!!

    U2 Things to Make and Do guitar cover tribute

    Things to Make and Do studio rendition, with live rendition bits. Using basic early Edge gear: AC30 top boost modeling on theVox AD50VT, Electroharmonix Memory Man Deluxe Delay/Chorus pedal, Dunlo...
  • Best part of this is the solo. It's the most 'un-logical' playing I have ever encountered & you got got it right - Nice!

    U2 Rejoice guitar cover tribute

    Rejoice, slower than album, October studio version, a few mistakes, with live single guitar adjustments, and my own unique note adjustments, using basic early Edge gear: AC30 top boost modeling on...
  • I like this allot, especially the keyboards, great version (from an old school U2 fan)

    An Cat Dubh - The Bravery

    "An Cat Dubh" is another B-Side for "Fearless," originally performed by U2 and covered by The Bravery
  • I love this Era, this is real good ,although it did take Joe O'Herlihy a while to sort out Edge's volume level!

    U2 - Out of Control / Twilight - Live, 20 Aug 83 - (1 of 10)

    Filmed at Lorelei, about 400 feet above the eastern bank of the Rhine, near St. Goarshausen, Germany -- six months after the release of U2's third LP, WAR, on February 28, 1983.

    Note: There are ...
  • Brilliant, very brilliant - not much more to say really

    With or Without You U2 with Fernandes Native Pro

    First attempt to upload a video of playing along to a backing track. Here I'm trying out a Fernandes Native Pro with Sustainer, which is fun to play...The pickups are very high output on this th...
  • Not many do this song justice, this is good, very good, especially the solo - Cool

    An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart

    Me playing An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart by U2.
  • cool, very cool

    U2 songs with EH POG

    Hi! Finally a new vid. This time I don't have a cover. I will show you how I produce the typical octave sound from the U2 songs of NLOTH. The Electro Harmonix POG is the effect who produces this oc...
  • What are you using for shimmer?

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