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"My Friend!" (Baba Ali)

60,324 views 6 months ago
None of us had the choice of which country we were born in, but we do have the choice of the ideas we carry. There are a lot of messages in this video. You may have to watch it more than once to get it all. If you like this video, SHARE it, so others can benefit from it.

If you're looking get married, try Baba Ali's marriage project, http://halfourdeen.com which has over 600 success stories from Muslim around the world.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ummahfilms
Facebook: http://facebook.com/babaali
Baba Ali Live shows at http://alistandup.com Show less
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Season 5 of the Reminder Series, by Muslim Video blogger Baba Ali (follow him at http://twitter.com/ummahfilms)
The Muslim Marriage series (by Baba Ali) for the Half Our Deen project. If you're single and want to get married, check out the private and affordable alternative to Muslim Matchmaking sites Half Our Deen http://www.halfourdeen.com

Season 1 - Hurray for Baba Ali (Milo Productions) Play

Season 1 of Hurray for Baba Ali by Milo Productions. The videos are made for Muslim kids and talk with the hopes of teaching basic teachings of Islam to children. If you like to purchase it on DVD, please goto http://www.hurrayforbabaali.com
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